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Global Peace Partners

What if an organization of dedicated people were constantly prepared for global catastrophes? Why couldn’t arrangement with governments be made before a disaster strikes, allowing aid to be there
in hours, rather than weeks? Why couldn’t trained aid workers be prepared to leave in hours, rather
than days. Why couldn’t planes and equipment be ready and standing by to have medical assistance in the air when it is needed?

The organization, a decade in planning, is Global Peace Partners. This organization of paramedics,
EMTs, heath care professionals and supporting staff, are preparing to bring aid when it is needed – where it is needed.


Dear Burt,
What a privilege to connect with you.  It is exciting to be part of a common passion, a common conviction, with a deep sense of urgency that to build bridges of hope, to build bridges of care, to build venues that heal, venues that provide healing water, and adequate nourishment, we will have to come together, acknowledge our common humanity, and break through the old divisions of religion, race, politics, culture, and celebrate that we are able to climb the mountains of adversity together.
It is in coming together that the walls of injustice will come down,  In coming together, the foundations of poverty will be undermined.  Unity in purpose, the joy of working together will dismantle, brick by brick, stone by stone, the walls of poverty, disease, and human suffering and the sound of music will carry a new note, a note of victory through the highways and byways of a troubled world. 
Our work started 11 years ago when torrential rains pounded the South African Nations.  In Mozambique alone, thousands, tens of thousands, clung to rooftops, as homes became islands surrounded by the angry torrents of water of the Limpopo river.
Where was the help, where was the rescue?  The International community waited a week, 10 days, two weeks before help intervened from abroad.  The critical 72 hours for saving lives had long come and gone.  Could we create teams of rescue workers that could be moving within a few hours of a disaster?
I could find no one that would take a proactive move and build the mechanisms needed to move fast and move with the urgency and capability to intervene in the critical hours following such devastation.
Three years later a large earth quake shakes Iran, then Indonesia, and a nation drowns as sea waters rise and cover the nation.    
On August 29th 2005 our own United States of America was brought to its knees as hurricane Katrina pounded the Gulf Coast from Florida to Texas.
Since then, Kashmir, Burma, China...............  

On January 11th 2010, Todd Jaynes and I connected asking the question can we build rapid response teams of paramedics and rescue workers.  The next day the big earth quake hit Haiti.
Since then - Chili, Pakistan, New Zealand and the triple whammy earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster currently shattering Japan.............
The time was over ripe.  Disasters have been increasing in frequency and intensity.
The Aeorspace Industry heard about and worked with us to design a medical aircraft for the purpose of   securing a safer saner world through next generation medical technology combined with the most advanced aeronautics, molded with the art of diplomacy and the heart of compassion.
This would be accomplished by the  Development of a Teaching Surgery aboard a 747-400 with accompanying 757 supply plane equipped with audio Visual teaching tools and the ability  to  move staff, supplies and food rapidly
Our Care Convoy under the direction of Todd Jaynes has been moving hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of search and rescue equipment into Mexico.  These donations accelerated rapidly  and now we are receiving over $1 million dollars worth of equipment  a month.  We just opened an Eastern Division in Philadelphia to expand these donations to other parts of the world.
Our training plans to reach out to Veterans, to Native Americans and offer an elite Paramedic and SAR (SEARCH and RESCUE) training to give new purpose and meaning to life in the service to others. 
The price tag is enormous.  The cost of doing nothing is not an option. 
These venues are heavy,  there is much loss of life, sickness, disease and when this happens all  at once it is more than the human heart or mind can fathom. 
But it is our determination to step into this global arena, with shirts rolled up, and with new determination say:  We shall overcome and we shall overcome together!  We will bring a spirit of celebration and a message to the nation and the world - it is the greatest joy on this earth to work together in a common unity, in a common goal to bring the walls of adversity to the ground,  and look each other in the eye and say:  truly we can live in peace!
I look forward to the concerts that will elevate this message, in New York, Philadelphia, DC Pittsburgh and other cities around the country!
God Bless you

Promoting Peace, Inspiring Hope, Delivering Healing