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Words by Burt and Dave


Words by Burt and Dave:




Dawn of a New Day:

A Better Community For All


Based on an original poem by Burton Danet, Ph.D.

with additional contributions by David Gray, President,

Huck-Fin Environmental Education(HFEE)


Yesterday happened, making it today’s history.


We learned, we grew and we became ready, filled with yesterday’s promises and today’s blessings...A NEW DAY.


As the NEW DAY dawns,
whole vistas unfold and the way is clear


This NEW DAY leads us through the NEW YEAR,
Bringing Promise and Hope to all.


We CAN choose to keepOUR WATERS clean;

the consequence...A HealthyPlanet.

Our children depend on our NEW DAY;
soon it will be their clay to mold their NEW DAY


SO......Rejoice!......Youngsters of ALL AGES,