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Never-Ending Self-FUNding4All




Look at what is possible: If we take the combined effort demonstrating the ABC4All Dream Realized with its "Network that Works," with parties across the world instrumental in bringing potential RELIEF to ONE person in need, even a HERO among us, someone suffering from a major health challenge and who already has benefited from exposure to what has been helpful in the past, then we consider a model of what ABC4All Mentors presently in 115 countries can do in the world via the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project.--Burton Danet, Ph.D.


Recently an ABC4All Mentor, Sospeter Williams, Kenya, www.profiles.tigweb.org/peterwil, raised a question:


ABC4All-TV WorldWide Network (AWWN), run via 77 satellites circling the globe, allows for access both by cell phone and Internet. Cell phones are owned by 3/4 of the world's population of nearly 7 billion people! Many fewer have access to the Internet (digital divide). During a conversation on a FaceBook Chat with ABC4All Mentor Sospeter Williams, he thoughtfully asked, "How are you thinking of reaching the 1/4 of the world's population who do not have cellphones?"



What a great question to ask. How to reach them? How to include them? How to demonstrate caring for them? All good questions.





Three people, all Dual Global Citizens, www.abc4all.net/dgc.htm, can join together (by assignment or by mutual consent) and work to relieve the suffering of ONE person of the 2 Billion people in the world living without basic human rights - water, food and shelter.

There is a need to help provide such basic necessities and health care.


A proposed "loaded" or funded money card from ABC4All is to be used by ABC4All Mentors to obtain such necessities in living for persons without. When such basic needs are met, it is then possible to work towards improvement in living by assisting as well with Life Goals with any needed education and training to help create personal independence and the desired "Never-Ending Self-Funding4All."


Today on 04/27/11, GHRD#362in the ABC4All CountUP and Freedom Day in South Africa, Jolandie Rust is departing on a Bike Tour Around Africa: http://jolandie-rust.blogspot.com/





Launching 27 April 2011 from Cape Town, South Africa, she becomes the first woman to circumnavigate Africa on a bicycle solo! *Connecting Through Music* - DREAM WITH YOUR HEART. In the planning stages are Amigos-ABC4All / Jolandie Rust Bike Tour / Jazz For Peace Concerts at major cities around Africa, possibly with talented musician, Jolandie, as the opening act for the shows!




Jolandie is working with ABC4All Partner IDUKA: Micro-Financing education, one student at a time. The plan is as follows:


"I will be acting as Iduka's principal fundraiser. I am working closely with Iduka's Executive Director, Miguel Martim. I will meet with local communities and Iduka volunteers all over Africa, give grants to students and promote education as I go along.


"I will also be meeting with government officials in most of the countries I travel through to deliver an open letter, calling on them to deliver on education.


"Together, Iduka and I will raise funds for my journey and for Iduka's mission."


Thus the combination of ABC4All'sSelf-FUNding4All working together with Jolandie's dynamic support of IDUKA: Micro-Financing education, one student at a time represent an example of the partnerships being supported and embraced by ABC4All to help the world become a better place for all.