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About ABC4All

ABOUT ABC4All: Creating Formulae for A Better World: JFP + ABC4All = GHR

ABC4All Co-Founders: Burton Danet/Robert Chew: http://abc4all.net/profile.htm

ABC4All Coordinators for Africa: Ugandan ABC4All Mentors Muddu Yisito Kayinga: http://profiles.tigweb.org/MUDDU and Turyatunga Bob Maahe: http://profiles.tigweb.org/maahe

A Better Community for All (ABC4All), a virtual grassroots entity operating without funding, encourages voluntary community empowerment through sharing of information.

A Better Community For All (ABC4All) focuses on the betterment of citizenry and communities via a give-back model of conducting business in the world: “Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet.”™ Support is offered for charitable causes worldwide. ABC4AllWorldSolutions!™ provide opportunities to reach unimagined “Health Heights™.” A healthier water and application of advanced technologies bring the potential for humanitarian relief wherever it is needed throughout the world in emergent/non-emergent situations.

Participants create their own activity/role and eventually discover an appropriate self-designation, all the while supporting Global Humanitarian Relief!

NOTE: All information provided by ABC4All is for informational purposes only. Medical or other professional advice is not offered. Rather, information shared is then evaluated by others to determine what path might be appropriate for a given individual to take. It is always recommended that persons consult with a health professional who can coordinate all aspects that are relevant to one's pursuit of improving health maintenance.


ABC4All Participation Guidelines: http://www.trunity.net/abc4all/topics/view/24848/

Begin to participate here: http://ABC4All.net/thanks.htm

Thank you for your participation with ABC4All!

You can see examples of ideas for better communities at the Building Better Communities Page where you can also make your own contribution!

By answering the question, "What would make your PERSONAL community better for ALL?" quickly you can later compare your answers as you think more carefully about the question.

The answer to such a question always comes from the individual and/or group, but the hope is that information offered by ABC4All can assist in such a worthy goal to help a community become better for all!


Local ABC4All exists in 14 countries to date: http://abc4all.net/localabc4all.html



ABC4All supports worthwhile causes, nonprofits/NGOs worldwide (more coming):



ABC4All YOUNGSTERS REVOLUTION: http://yr.abc4all.net



ABC4All Mentor Rommy Wuhe, Nigeria, says:

"Love, and then peace to the world"

The Love Foundation, home of

Global Love Day - May 1 - agrees:

"Love Begins With Me"


Burton Danet, Ph.D. and Robert "Bob" Chew, ABC4All Co-Founders

A Better Community For All (ABC4All)

P. O. Box 1624 * Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-1624

1-310-712-5477 * abc4allteam@abc4all.net * Skype: abc4allteam